The Burton Law Firm Trust and Estate LitigationWith a combination of experienced litigators and estate planning attorneys working together to advance our clients’ interests, we are uniquely positioned to represent clients in a wide range of disputes, including will and trust contests, removal of trustees and other fiduciaries, defense and prosecution of breaches of fiduciary duties, elder abuse, and reformation and interpretations of ambiguous estate planning documents.

We regularly represent trustees, beneficiaries, and persons with claims against trust and estate assets. With a particular attention toward championing the decedent’s intent, it is not uncommon for us to protect a trustee from disgruntled beneficiaries, ensure that a trustee is allocating and distributing assets in a fair and just matter on behalf of our beneficiary clients, and put forth holographic wills to assert claims on behalf a spouse or child.

While we advocate zealously in all litigation matters, a particular awareness and appreciation of the sensitive issues inherent in these types of disputes is often present in our minds when working on trust and estate litigation cases, as not only legal issues, but family issues are involved and both types of issues need to be addressed to reach the best resolutions possible for our clients.