The Burton Law Firm White Collar Civil EnforcementThe Burton Law Firm is experienced in representing individuals and businesses that have been the victim of embezzlement, fraud, fiduciary mismanagement, or other white collar crimes. A white collar crime is a financially motivated, non-violent crime only for monetary purposes.

Some celebrities that have been convicted of this type of crime are Martha Stewart, Survivor’s first winner, Richard Hatch, and Winon Ryder. Oftentimes criminal investigations in the area of white collar civil enforcement are delayed or insufficient on their own; therefore, our representation focuses on the civil remedies available to our clients in their attempts to get their money back. We frequently work with forensic auditors to track down where the money has gone and who is culpable, and then can follow up with litigation to hold the responsible parties accountable. Once a judgment has been obtained, we can employ a wide variety of collections techniques to collect the money that was taken illegally.

In addition, we have attorneys with substantial tax experience that can assist with the tax issues that so often accompany white collar matters. If you suspect that you or your business has been the victim of embezzlement or fraud, our recommendation is to investigate quickly before more damage is done.