For those with children at home, California may reopen schools as early as July. Schools will not be fully functional as there will be major changes to physical education classes and recess at schools, as well as processes to deeply clean and sanitize schools, parks and playgrounds to keep infection rates down. The certainty of this decision is low, however, as  this comes at a time where the stay at home order has been extended statewide to May 15th for larger communities such as LA and the Bay Area.

Governor Newsom’s decision to reopen schools and the economy is still being decided, where he officially asked the media to check in in mid-May. His decision will be based on six factors:

  1. expanded testing to identify and isolate patients,
  2. maintenance of vigilance to protect seniors and high risk people,
  3. being able to meet future surges in hospitals with a "myriad of protective gear," continue to collaborate with academia on therapies and treatments,
  4. to redraw regulations to ensure continued physical distancing at private businesses and schools; and
  5. develop new enforcement mechanisms to allow the state to pull back and reinstate stay-at-home orders.

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