Sacramento Tax LawTaxes. There we have said it. Businesses have to pay taxes. A business has to have a plan for paying their fair share of taxes without overpaying. A great business tax plan can alleviate the worry of paying too much in taxes while ensuring that the relevant taxing authorities are properly paid. At The Burton Law Firm, we strive to help you safeguard your business from undue revenue losses.

There are very few Americans completely opposed to paying taxes. After all, each of us benefits from government spending when driving on good roads, breathing clean air, and enjoying the freedom to practice business in a safe environment. The difficulty lies in paying the appropriate amount of taxes. It can be very confusing navigating through the tax code, attempting to find the path to the level of taxation the government intends for your business. We are adept at determining the precise plan for your corporation or business to give you the peace of mind that comes with fulfilling your duty, along with the knowledge that you have paid appropriately.

In one way or another, most of our practice areas here at The Burton Law Firm have a connection to taxation. This is actually one of our greatest strengths. Our ability to address related tax issues allows us to provide comprehensive representation that one would expect from a large firm, but with the charm and personal attention that typically come from a smaller firm. Almost every aspect of our practice touches on tax planning. It is at the heart of what we offer.

Our business law section deals with taxation on every level and when appropriate we incorporate business tax planning into many of the issues we try to solve for your business. When creating a business tax plan it is important to know how your choice of entity will affect the plan, how your financing will affect the plan, how mergers and acquisitions will affect the plan, as well as many other variables that encompass your entire business model. Our thorough review and attention to detail keeps your planning consistent across your entire organization. This is much better than making plans that benefit one part of your business, but may be a detriment to other parts of the whole.

Often when businesses do not have a concrete tax plan, and owners try to do it on their own or hire a firm during tax season, unforeseen consequences occur. Sometimes these consequences can include action by the taxing authorities. When this happens, you need someone by your side to protect your rights. The Burton Law Firm often negotiates favorable outcomes with tax authorities like the IRS, Franchise Tax Board, Board of Equalization, or the Employment Development Department. We can also step in to assist with appeals before these and other agencies. When it becomes necessary, we are skilled and primed to litigate your tax issue in the courts, but prefer to address and resolve your tax issues before that becomes necessary.

International tax issues can be especially daunting for the average business owner. The Burton Law Firm knows how to deal with these issues. Failure to handle foreign investments properly can bring penalties including property seizures, significant tax penalties, and criminal charges. We can help you avoid these problems. There is much that can be accomplished after business operations have begun. However, the best use of our expertise is to involve us at the outset to avoid creating higher tariffs, loss of goods, or paying unnecessary taxes.

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